As horse owners ourselves we have built up a trusted working relationship with many local clients in the Equine Industry. 

We can assist you with any type of requirement from Arenas to stable design and construction, concrete wash bays, and paddock access options in the winter months

equine property services


We can assist you with the design and construction of a functional and safe round yard for all your training requirements.


What is the number one problem we get asked about from horse owners? especially in winter , Mud, Any horse owner will know the three main areas of concern, the access area in and out of the main gate, the stable floor  , and water trough area, if your paddock has become a dangerously slippery mess talk to us about the many options available to stop the mud and provide a safer alternative for you and your horse.


Many arenas are constructed in the wrong areas with insufficient drainage leading to a damaged and unsafe riding surface.  We offer both new arena construction as well as repairs and upgrades to existing arenas, with many different options for drainage and surface toppings let us assist you in creating the right arena for your requirements. 


If you require a professional wash bay for your property we have a solution for you, we can create a functional wash area with nonslip concrete floor and drainage pit, easy to use a retractable hose with both hot and cold water, we can even build your specific needs such as tie points and equipment mounts exactly where you need them.

STABLES & YARDS construction

We can provide you with options for any type or size stable you require from small single kit stables to large multi-area divisions with corridor access as well as the construction of all yard requirements including fencing, water troughs, and paddock preparation including the  removal of overhanging tree branches,  removal of any tree stumps or rocks and filling in and leveling any dangerous holes left by rabbits or wombats